Red Jasper

Variety of Quartz.
Ancient Egyptians use it to make Scarabs, a symbol of the Sun God.
Used in religious ceremonies, especially in Buddhism.
Mentioned several time in the Bible, including as the twelfth foundation stone of the New Jerusalem.
Ancient Greek and Romans used in jewelry making.

Grounding Stone that provides you with a sense of balance and stability.
The aim is to afford the user greater current challenges and create solutions that will better serve their higher purpose.

Holds the energy of Lions, which is why it is valued for courage and strength. Type of metaphoric rock that is believed to help balance the emotional body, boost creativity and increase feelings of passion. So have fun with it!

It is said that those wearing diamonds or blue sapphire should avoid Red Jasper at the same time.
Rinse under cold running water for 3 to 5 minutes, then pat it dry with a dry soft clean rag.
Red Jasper should not come into contact with other stones, as this can cause damage to the Jasper.
Store away from direct sunlight as it can take away its fiery benefits.