From a Rock Point of View

Cries from a wounded warrior
Thousands of years of bird droppings
I absorb Earth’s pain
Dinosaurs, reptiles, mammoths, mammals, humans all have walked over me
Support sprawling root systems
I’ve given of my body to serve man, tools, treasure’s, resources
Perk up at the smell of fresh rain
Different tints and hues of the landscape as it changes
Shivered from icing
Humbled in glory by the sound of thunder and the immersion of the clouds
Bathe in the rays of the sun
Endlessly gazing at the stars in wonder
Wet my toes in sea water
Consider a drought and feel the dryness
Waiting and absorbing all around me
Silently watching spirits come and go from the planet
Strong, solid, unchanging, always feeling
Cactus plants snuggle within my crevices
Towering, majestic peaks
I have to provide shade
Eagles and hawks soaring in the skies are my entertainment
I’ve felt great vibrations from thousands of running Buffalo hooves
Days when Horses ran freely within my path
Warmed many a snake belly in the afternoon sun
Watched the valley grasses below waver in the wind
I hold my breath, afraid to sneeze, for tumbling mountain goats I wish not to see
Became the footstool for many a lonely wolf howl
Felt the tears of ancestors as they look down from the skies
I watch with amazement at the passage of time
Cascading waters being pulled by gravity down stream
Shooting Stars and Meteorites are in my peripheral vision
There’s a reason humans say “solid as a rock”
Movement? Oh, yah brother; shifting of the tectonic plates
Do I sweat? Better believe I can.
When you’re a rock you have to pick your place wisely.
The rush of a hot water geysers and bubbling volcanic lava are HOT
I’ve been a seafloor mantle rock, and deep ocean rock shelf
Hydrothermal vent rock, incredible pressure, hot enough to melt lead; super-hot toxic fumes
Support hikers on their climbs
Meditation platforms for the enlighten
Hiding relics and or life from the past (fossils)
Like rings of a tree you can look at my body and age-date me.
Every rock has a story to tell. You only need to know how to read it. Be sure to listen and your will hear the rocks dynamic history.