Earth's Elemental Stones

Passion for Rocks

Passion for rocks, how could that be?

Actually it started at the age of three, after picking up Easter eggs at the Easter egg hunt, someone notice at the bottom of my basket there were several stones; they took the hard boiled eggs and I got the rocks.

Maybe when Pet Rocks were the thing. We petted them in fun, warmed them in the sun and paint faces on them.

Birthday gift of an Aquamarine and diamond chip ring for my special day.

Rocks circling the ring of fire at Pow-Wows.

Learning to skip rocks was my next adventure at church camp Egan, I was only good for the count of four.

Hiking the canyons at Red Rock Canyon in my childhood.

Macramé hangers for plants with rocks entwined.

Repelling rocks in California with ease.

I waited till I was thirty to get serious about collecting stones from places I visited.

Rock edging my favorite flower beds with WPA cut stones.

My forties led me to gem shows for beads for jewelry and hobby projects.

Second hand stores were next of my list, large pieces of slate roofing tiles led to wall hangings.

Rock chips under plants for drainage.

Mosaic tile projects.

Purchased a rock cabinet for displaying my precious jewels.

Collecting, tagging, reading, learning, inventories and pictures.

Now creating hair accessories … for your approval.

Rocks have always had a place in my heart.

Valarie M.


Lava Stones

Referred to often as Basalt.
Stones are called part of nature and this stone is actually created by nature. Volcanic Rock formed from Magna which erupts into the air and flows until it starts to cool.
Comes naturally in shades of Black, Grey and Brown; in today’s world it is also dyed.
Porous, rough with hundreds of tiny holes from bubbling, boiling lava; yet can be polished to hard shiny stones.
Holds two opposite energies.
Earth which is calm and steady, Fire which is destructive and unpredictable in nature.
When cooled they have become balanced, perfect grounding stones. Dissipates negative energies and returns them to positive energies and goes where it needs to help the body.
Helps dissolve suspicions about life and people, leaving the person more self-assured.

Red Jasper

Variety of Quartz.

Ancient Egyptians use it to make Scarabs, a symbol of the Sun God.

Used in religious ceremonies, especially in Buddhism.

Mentioned several time in the Bible, including as the twelfth foundation stone of the New Jerusalem.

Ancient Greek and Romans used in jewelry making.

Grounding Stone that provides you with a sense of balance and stability.
The aim is to afford the user greater current challenges and create solutions that will better serve their higher purpose.

Holds the energy of Lions, which is why it is valued for courage and strength. Type of metaphoric rock that is believed to help balance the emotional body, boost creativity and increase feelings of passion. So have fun with it!

It is said that those wearing diamonds or blue sapphire should avoid Red Jasper at the same time.
Red Jasper should not come into contact with other stones, as this can cause damage to the Jasper.
Store away from direct sunlight as it can take away its fiery benefits.