by Kenn Nesbitt


A rock makes an excellent puppy.

They’re practically almost the same.

Except that a puppy’s rambunctious;

a rock is a little more tame.


It’s true that a rock’s not as hyper.

It may not chase after a ball.

And, often as not, when you call it,

it won’t even hear you at all.


And maybe it doesn’t roll over,

and isn’t excited to play,

but rocks always sit when you tell them,

and rocks really know how to stay.


It may sleep a little bit longer.

It probably eats a bit less.

But rocks never pee on the carpet.

You won’t have to pick up their mess.


So go ask ask your folks for a puppy,

and possibly that’s what you’ll get.

But still, if you can’t have a puppy,

a rock is a pretty good pet.


It doesn’t annoy, you with barking;

it quietly sits on a shelf.

A rock makes an excellent puppy.

That’s what I keep telling myself.