Custom Made

Hair Accessories

One-of-a-kind hair accessories made by hand with precious and semi-precious stones.

There Are No Imperfections –
Only Uniqueness

Elemental Stones

No Two Stones In Nature Are Made Alike

The originality of each design is due to the main visible characteristics of each individual stone. Please accept natures patterns, inclusions, shapes and colorings.

Starting With The Basics


What We Make


Ponytail Holders

Hair Pins



Glass Beads


What Customers Are Saying

“After Scrolling thru Earth’s Elemental Stones Shop, I narrowed my choice for a very unique gift for my wife. She was more than thrilled with my selection and I earned some points with her. Thanks!”

J. Groom

“I purchased the small Pearl barrette for my daughter, just the right weight and stays in her thin curly hair well. I’ll buy again.”